Sunday, May 29, 2016

Long, Long Time

The past winter has been very hard on me, and I haven't really gotten much done.  Almost recovered now, and I have decided to pursue my dream of a rug hooking of a tree--big--and then add onto it later, with branches and leaves that go up onto the ceiling and across the walls.
When I found this design by Lib Callaway, I knew it was the perfect starting point.  At 39" by 60", big enough to depict what I want, yet not over power my living room, where it will hang.

 I am not rushing, working sometimes only 15 minutes a day, but I am REALLY enjoying this!  I am making changes as I go along, to better depict the plants and birds and critters that we live with. Yesterday, I got to the top of the tree!

 So far we are having a very cool spring, so I am content to work on this--when it gets really hot, I will take a break--no fun sitting under a wool rug when it's 90 degrees!