Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Sunday

Such gorgeous weather here in Minnesota!!  82 degrees, sunny, just a perfect day.
I worked on Evie's dress. What looks good in a photo does not always make for a pleasing composition in hooking.  I needed to bring some of the golden hair colors down into the rest of the piece, so her hair didn't just jump out as an unrelated island of color.  So I decided to make her sash gold, but that still didn't look right.  Finally, I decided to sprinkle tiny rosebuds in gold and pink on her dress--
That was it!  Now I can work away and think about the background, which I have already changed my mind on a dozen times.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

And now for something completely different............

Back to my rug hooking!  Doing a wall hanging portrait of Evie.  I do most of my hooking in the fall and winter.
I am changing most of the colors for her dress and background.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

You have GOT to be kidding me

So I see in today's news that the police chief of Ferguson has APOLOGIZED for Officer Wilson shooting the thug that attacked him.  In short, for doing the job he was TRAINED TO DO.  

God help America.  

A white teacher was raped by a black student.
Another white prison worker was raped by a black prisoner. 

Haven't seen THESE stories on the news, have you?  Because the media wants to fuel the racial issues.  
This morning, I read this post on the Facebook page dedicated to supporting Officer Wilson.  Since I couldn't say it better, I quote;
We, as a society, cannot continue to ignore or tolerate the "thug/gangster" mentality that is flooding American pop culture with gang violence and ruining our Country any longer..... Why do you never hear Al Sharpton, Eric Holder or Obama address this? Here's the truth behind the violence in the black community, and it's shocking, these are NOT gangs, these are terrorists, they are an immediate threat, and they are spreading in every city in this Nation... Until the black community shuns this type of behavior and stops glorifying it in their pop culture, NOTHING will a change... They will continue to die... at each other's hands, the cops hands, and law abiding gun owners hands.... Google "White Girl Bleed Alot" and share, because there is PLENTY more where this came from, it is an epidemic, a cancer that MUST be stopped from spreading or we will end up like Third World countries that are run by gangs of terrorists. Please share, and wake somebody up, the future of you and yours depends on it........ "

Just a word of warning--if you DO Google "White Girl Bleed Alot", it is graphic and will make you ill.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More Words

Wade's Mom once said to me,

"When your children are little, they step on your toes.
When they are grown, they step on your heart."

Sadly, I find this now to be the truth.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


UPDATE;  My package was found sitting outside of my GARAGE DOOR late yesterday.  He must have tossed it from the street.  Yes, we are on a very quiet, dead-end street, but ANYONE could have come by and picked it up.  But with no thanks to the post office, my $300.00 doll managed to arrive home, and all in one piece.
UPS or FedEx from now on.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The US Post Office needs to GO

Like many people, I have trouble with the post office.  All their ads about how "We deliver for you" and tooting their own horn, maybe instead they should teach their employees to DO THEIR JOBS.

A package was supposed to be delivered to me today--and guess what?  It wasn't.  So I called the post office.  The man I spoke to actually said, "Well we had a lot of packages today."  I had to bite my tongue for a moment before I said, "Well--that IS your job, isn't it? To deliver mail and packages?"  He didn't answer that.  My next question was, could he have left in in the wrong box?  (Yes, this happens ALL THE TIME.  We call it MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS day, as we wander up and down the street re-delivering the mail to the correct houses.)  He said to me--"Well if it isn't showing in the tracking as being delivered, that's good!"

OOOOOOOOOOKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy then.  No more post office for me, and they BETTER find this package.   


Thursday, September 18, 2014


The two hardest words to say in the English language--

"I'm sorry."

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Karma--yes, I believe in it

Karma has a lot of definitions, but basically it means that what you put out into the universe comes back to you.  Good, positive energy attracts more good, positive energy.  The same with bad energy.  Think of it like a boomerang; you throw it out there, and sooner or later it's GOING to return to you. I have seen Karma at work too many times to deny it.

Many years ago, there was a fire in a duplex that claimed the life of a child--because the owner of the building was negligent in keeping things in repair and up to date.  Instead of showing remorse, this man decided to just let the duplex be demolished, and he would take the insurance money and treat himself to a nice little trip to the Caribbean.  Which he did.

He drown the first day he was there.
A life for a life.

Today I read some news that showed me Karma all over again.  I never thought I would mention Joan Rivers again, but it now seems that her death was caused by an unauthorized biopsy of her vocal cords.  Why does a Dr do a biopsy?  Because they suspect cancer. (Which would explain why her voice was so hoarse and raspy of late.) Had she lived, she likely would have been (thankfully) silenced, no longer able to speak for more than a few seconds, through a hole in her throat. (I have seen throat cancer first hand, I know how it works.)  So a woman who spent her entire life making money saying mean, hurtful things about others, would no longer be capable of continuing this behavior.  Forced to sit there in silence.  Karma?  I believe so.

So what about her buddy, Howard Stern--the male version of Rivers?  It will be interesting to see what happens to him in the future.

This is not to say that I WISH bad things on people--that would be foolish, considering my beliefs.  I have nothing to do with what Karma decides to dish out, I am just making observations. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Death--sort of

Today I felt sad.   I wish I had not abandoned my needlepoint in exchange for all the other things I got into--
like they say, hindsight is always 20/20......
not that I regret learning to carve dolls, if I hadn't I wouldn't have Evie.
I can no longer see the way I could, so I really can't go back to my petit point.  This was the one area I truly excelled in, and I left it to pursue other things--things that I did ok at, but were not my true calling.
And now I find my eyes are too old to do the incredible things I used to do.  Today I feel like a piece of me has died, and I somehow wasn't even aware of it until now.  So I guess I am mourning for the part of me that is no more.  The part of me that died from old age while I was busy trying to do other things.

We never stop to think that we will get old, it just happens.  We never think about our eyesight getting worse, or our hands getting weaker, it just happens.  Find what you love--and stay with it. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Do you drive?

I think every person in America who drives should watch this video.


In the gamut of human emotions,
sometimes all that is left
is to find a rock in the woods.
To sit, feet firmly on the earth,
and to breathe.

Taking in the sounds too often muted
by noise or thought.
Feeling the progression of heat
as sun slowly warms tired backs.

And slow ourselves until we remember
that we, too, are part of this wild earth.
Destined to live and love,
to experience great joy and deep sorrow.

At times we know only this;
that the sun will appear again tomorrow to warm us,
and that the earth will hold us tenderly as we make our way.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sadness and Anger

Today I pause to mourn the innocent people who were killed by our own government on Sept 11, 2001.

And I am only one of hundreds of thousands who now knows this to be true.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

9/11 What do YOU believe?

When the horrors of Sept 11 were being re-hashed, I started to hear about "conspiracy theories".   I waved them off.  NO WAY, I said.  Then 2 documentaries opened my eyes.  FACTS.  PHOTOS.  Every American owes it to themselves to see these two films!  Watch them, and decide for yourself--is our own government responsible for the events of 9/11? 

"Loose Change-9/11

911--In Plane Sight

I PROMISE these films will change everything you ever thought you knew about 9/11.  Of course, there are web sites "debunking" them, but facts and photographs cannot be challenged, no matter how you spin them.  When you see stop motion film of the first plane that hit the World Trade Center, you SEE there is "something" attached underneath the plane.  A missile?  Then you see an explosion IN FRONT OF THE PLANE, hitting the building BEFORE the plane does.

WHY was no debris ever found in the field where the plane crashed?  NOTHING of a plane was found, not even a scrap of metal.  What about when the plane hit the pentagon--how does a plane with a wingspan that huge leave such a relatively small hole in the building?

Also, remember how many times we have seen George Bush reading to the school children that morning, and how a man come in and says something to him, then leaves--supposedly telling him about the attacks that are occurring?  We all saw that a hundred times, and never questioned it.  Now look at it again--how long was the man saying something to him?  Long enough to say "We have been attacked by terrorists in planes" ?  NO.  He says something very quickly, then leaves--maybe he had enough time to say "It's Done".

Please watch these two films. They will change your life.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

No. Just--no.

PLEASE tell me that someone can't REALLY be this stupid---


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ding dong, the (B)itch is dead

When I first head that Joan Rivers was rushed to the hospital a week ago, my first thought was--oh dear, did her nasty mouth fall off??  I see that she died today, and all I can say is, "Good Riddance".

This woman made a career out of being a nasty bitch.  She said cruel, hurtful things to people, to get a laugh.  Some people praise her for her "honesty", but  that is NOT the word for it.

I never wished her any ill, I just couldn't stand her, so I steered clear of her.  My tipping point came when she made fun of the three courageous women in Cleveland who were held captive for ten years and finally got free.  These women-Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus lived through TEN YEARS of hell and were freed, only to have JOKES made about them by this POS woman.  What if that had been HER daughter who was kidnapped, enslaved, beaten and sexually terrorized--would she still think it was funny?  Probably, as long as it made her a buck.

Life is not easy, and can be downright cruel, so why would anyone want to make a career out of hurting people?  I think, deep down, she was such a wretched person, with no redeeming qualities, that she had to knock other people down just so she could feel superior.  Well, all of this is my opinion, and I have one wish for her--
May all those in hell treat her the same way that SHE treated everyone.  That's called KARMA, babe.