Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Once in a Lifetime

 I would like to introduce Miss Garnet Remembrance--a Queen Anne reproduction doll made by the Canadian artist Kathy Patterson of Babes from the Woods.  She arrived last week, no clothes, because I couldn't afford the doll AND her clothes!  It took me a while to figure out a pattern for her dress.  Today she received her antique garnet necklace, which is actually one of a pair of earrings--the perfect scale!  So sister Tilly will have a matching necklace, just as soon as my eyes uncross from stringing the beads.......

This incredible doll is 15" tall, and as authentic as you can get to a real, 200-300 year old Queen Anne doll.  Everything about her, from her patina to her flat back, joints and hands, is perfectly recreated.  I saved for a LONG time to be able to get her, and she was worth every dollar.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Tilly Appletree arrives home!

This week brought the first snowfall of the season, and along with it Miss Tilly Appleton arrived home to Minnesota.  She arrived naked and cold, but with a warm smile and sweet disposition.  She borrowed a dress until I can make her a more suitable one.

She has the most beautiful patina.  She was obviously made with much love.  Judging by her paint and the wood condition, I estimate her to be between 100--130 years old. 

Friday, October 27, 2017


I have one photo of the little girl who has caused so much uproar--I heard she was in a book somewhere, but I don't know WHAT book!  Anyone with any info on her, it would be much appreciated!  She is 17" tall. Better pics when she arrives home! (and I still cannot look at her without smiling!!)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

So today I bought a doll on Ruby Lane...................

I LOVE to look at the dolls on Ruby Lane, although I seldom buy any.  I think maybe I have made three purchases in the last 5 years---
but today I saw a doll for sale, as soon as I saw her I broke into a huge smile--and any doll that can make me smile like that needs to come home!

So I clicked the purchase button, and went right to Paypal to pay for her.  I was really happy that the seller is the same lady I have bought from twice before, her name is Carla Thompson, and you could not find a more honest, up front seller any where!

So a while later, Carla emailed me, because I had asked some questions about where she found the doll, etc.  She told me all she knew-I love a dolls provenance, it is part of who she is.  But then she told me something that made me REALLY MAD.

In the short half hour since I had purchased this doll,  Carla received 5 emails and 11 telephone calls about her.  Two of these women actually asked her to "tell the buyer she was no longer for sale" and offered more than her asking price.  In short, they asked a reputable dealer to lie and deceive an HONEST customer.

What makes someone so self-entitled that they think they can go behind someones back and steal---yes, STEAL--the doll that person just purchased???  How would they feel if someone did that to THEM?  Of course they don't think of things like that.  The end justifys the means.  Well "ladies"--and I use that term loosely--here is a big, middle finger salute to your dishonesty, greed, and lack of conscience.  Karma is a bitch, girls, and you just signed up for a really good one!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Losing my Heart AGAIN

You would think that by now, I would know better than to look at Alena Sinels dolls.  I don't know how she does it, but there is something in them that just speaks to my heart.  And even as I tell myself a million times that I do NOT need another doll, that never seems to stop me.  I see a certain face and I lose my mind (and a nice chunk of money).  

So that is what happened when this Goth bunny made an appearance on Pinterest one day..........

    Yes, I know it's crazy, but that face--that FACE!  She makes me want to hug her, and she has that indefinable "something" that triggers a partial  memory of something--someone--from way back in my childhood.  I have never been able to grasp the entire memory, just wisps of it, and Alenas dolls stir that memory in me.  I see the doll, and I tumble back to being a little girl again.  I hold the doll, and that feeling is even stronger. I know you can't put a price on feelings, so maybe I should just give up and accept that there will probably always be a doll by Alena that tells me she must be mine.  

Yes, this bunny girl is on her way to me--I think she will arrive tomorrow. I am hopeless.    

(In my own defense , I should mention that I got her for less than Alena was originally asking--she had made a bunch of dolls for a doll show in October, and then found out her dog was pregnant and would be having puppies in October, so she would not be able to attend the doll show---)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Solution for World Peace

I say, put these 2 assholes in a locked room, and let them duke it out.  Leave the rest of the world out of their little boy pissing contest.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hobby Lobby smuggled ancient artifacts

I always liked Hobby Lobby for the fact that they are closed Sundays--they seemed to value family and Christian values.  But as in so many things, the truth comes out now---
proof that you cannot judge a book by its cover.  They have just lost a customer, I will not shop here ever again.