Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Complacency Can KILL you!

Just a heads up--I have been taking the same blood pressure medication for over 14 years.  It is called Lisinopril.  I never expected that all these years later, I would have a bad reaction to it.  So when some things started to happen, I didn't connect them to the medicine--fact is, I never connected them at all--until it nearly killed me.  Small things, like choking a lot for no reason--a sudden rash that itched like crazy--

This past Sunday was just a normal day, but then I started to feel--"Odd".  Hard to explain.  And it happened so fast, I really didn't have time to even realize WHAT was happening---the left side of my tongue swelled to the roof of my mouth.  I could barely talk, and was having trouble breathing. I was rushed to the ER and there I was told I was having an anaphylactic episode.  Had I not gone to the ER right away, where they could treat the sudden swelling of my tongue and also my throat, I would have suffocated. As it was, I was lucky I got there fast and they didn't have to intubate me or do a tracheotomy to help me breathe. They believe it was a side effect of the lisinopril, a medicine I thought was "safe" because I had been on it for so long.

Now I know--NO medicine is safe!  You CAN develop side effects even after having no problems for many years.  So if lots of "little" things start happening, check out the side effects of your meds!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Beautiful Man, A Beautiful Soul--Zach Sobiech

The first time I saw this young man's face, I thought
"What a beautiful young man--I can see his soul, and it is shining".

 At the time, I knew NOTHING about him--but from the moment I saw his face, I loved him.  I could not forget him.  As an artist, he has to be the most ethereally beautiful child I have ever seen.

If you do not know him , please look up Zach Sobiech--Clouds.  He was only 18 when he died from a rare form of cancer.  I did not personally  know him, yet I grieved for him and his family.  

Today I learned that with the fund set up in Zach's name, cancer researchers at the University of Minnesota have amazing results towards a cure for Osteosarcoma,  the rare form of bone cancer that took Zachs life.

Please take the time to look up the song CLOUDS that Zach wrote and performed before he died--it is a beautiful song.  And if you are moved to make a donation for continued research, here is the link;

Zach--I did not know you, or your family.  But your life, although short, has touched me deeply.  You are a beautiful angel, I believe you were put here on earth to bring awareness to this horrible cancer.  I look at photos of you, and I see an "old soul"-you have lived many lives, and will live many more.  I hope that some day, my soul will have the pleasure of meeting yours.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Random thoughts.............

That little voice in your head?  It means something.  LISTEN TO IT.

Never let anyone tell you how to think, what to think, or make you doubt yourself.

You don't have "thigh gap?"  Congratulations, you are halfway to being a mermaid!!!

The world does not exist to appease you.  Get over it.

This is your life.  You do not get a second chance--what are you doing with it?

If you have a house, enough food to eat, and money to pay your bills, you are richer than half of the world. BE THANKFUL! 

We are all fighting a personal battle--be kind.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Lesson Learned

When we are young, we think somehow that we have all the time in the world to do the things we want to do.  But in the words of someone wise,
"LIFE" is what happens to us while we are making other plans.

Over 20 years ago, I stopped doing what I loved the most--needlepoint/petitpoint--in order to pursue new crafts and new ideas. None of which I was very good at.  Unlike needlepoint, which I can say with all modesty, I excelled at.  This is not to brag--it is just a simple fact.  While most of the world seemed to be doing tedious stitch exercises, or stitching goofy looking frogs, I was quietly creating masterpieces.  Not MY words--I was told this by everyone who saw my work.  Yet I blithely set it aside, to come back to "some day".

The trouble with "some day", is that it doesn't exist, except in our minds. I learned this all too well when I decided to go back to my first love, and discovered that my eyes had other plans.

I learned I was going blind.  I am slowly losing my eyesight to macular degeneration, at the age of 66.  I am taking special vitamins, but this is not going to "fix" me.  After dealing with the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, and coming to terms with the fact that I had lost part of "me"--now I was facing blindness.  As an artist, there is nothing that could have been more devastating.  I was actually diagnosed over a year ago, but am only now able to talk about it.  I mean, it's not like you can send out announcements saying HEY GUESS WHAT??  I am going blind!!  I went through all the emotions, I threw myself a pity party, and now I am ready and eager to use the time I have left-and the eyesight I have left--to do what I love the most.

To this end, I bought myself a magnifier/light, and am back to working on my tapestries.   I may never "finish" them--but for now, I am happy.  I am content.  I am doing what I was meant to do.

And here is SUMMER, from a painting by Alphonse Mucha.  Petit point, 18 mesh canvas.  That translates to 324 tiny stitches per square inch, every single one of them put in by hand, one at a time.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Good Morning, America! AND WHAT ARE YOU OFFENDED BY TODAY?????

Enough.  ENOUGH!  Every day it gets worse.  Someone--anyone, is offended by--
a word
a movie
a story
or anything else anyone can possibly be "offended" by----

And suddenly it is news worthy!  

Guess what, people? I know this will be hard to understand, and even harder to believe, but

The world is not here to placate you, to coddle you, to conform to your every feeling.  It is what it is.

Someone says something you don't like?
A movie has a scene you don't like?
A new story says something you don't like?


This world is not here to appease your every thought and emotion. Get over it.
Get over yourself.
Who made you think you were so special?? 

When did America become a nation of WHINERS????  Boo hoo, poor you.  

I am sick to death of it.  This world gets worse and worse. I shudder to think what will be going on here in another 10 years.

Books are being banned.  BOOKS are being banned--AGAIN.  Did we learn NOTHING by this the FIRST time?

America--you are going to hell, faster than I ever believed.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Oh no, you DIDN'T..........................

.........except yes, you did.  You really did.

Of all the Prince songs you could have chosen for the Super Bowl halftime show, you chose "I Would Die For You".

Not Purple Rain, or one of his other greats, you had to chose the one about him dying.

Does no one have even an OUNCE of basic sense any more????