Thursday, March 26, 2015


Do you know what the biggest word in the English language is?

It is


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Let's Knock Travis Alexander off that pedestal right now!

I just have one more opinion about this whole debacle, and then I am finished with it.

I am really REALLY tired of hearing about what a SAINT Travis Alexander was.  Reality check--NO, he wasn't.  He was leading a very duplicitous life, pretending to be what he was not.

He was scamming people every day with his "job" at PPL. 

He was having constant sexual encounters with "inmate 458434" while dating/searching for a pure, wholesome, virginal Mormon woman to marry.

In short, Travis Alexander was what many women would call a pig.

Did he "deserve" to be murdered for this?  Absolutely not!  But make no mistake, he did play a role in ultimately causing his own death, because he knew--ADMITTEDLY knew--that "inmate 458434" was a "psycho" (his words.) And it may sound terrible, but I don't feel sorry for him.

I DO feel sorry for his family.  Look at the legacy he left for them; they got to sit through years of testimony about his sexual activity and deviant things he wanted to do.  They got to see pictures of a man they THOUGHT they knew, in ways they never thought they would see him.  So besides his death, they have had to reconcile themselves to the fact that the man they loved was really a stranger. Yet they were there, day after day, week after week.  THAT is unconditional love.  THAT is the true essence of honest people who keep their faith.  I cannot help but think, if he could see what this is doing to them, and he had a chance to live his life over, he would be a different person.  At least I would hope so.  But there are no 2nd chances or do-overs in this life.

And the rest is silence.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Just when I thought the circus was over.......................

Most people who stay up on current trials are aware that the trial for "inmate 458434" has been a joke--I cannot say how many times I have heard people ask, "what is WRONG with the law in Arizona???" So just when I thought it was over--well, all but the sentencing, which will be April 13--the whole damn thing just blows sky high.

I will not get into details, as I am sick of talking/hearing/thinking about her.  But I am not talking about her right now--I am talking about the Maricopa county courts, which have decided to SELL copies of the trial for the sweet price of $1710.00.

No, that is not a typo.  And yes, they are serious.  So a trial that by LAW is open to the public and media, is now for sale.  It seems they think they can make up some of the outrageous fees they had to shell out for her defense  (a cool 3 million+)  

Well, listen up, Maricopa County.  If you REALLY want to make money, here is what you do. You set up a live feed camera in her new prison cell at Perryville.  This way, you can charge for people to watch her suffer and slowly lose her mind in the heat of the Arizona summer, with no ac and 120 degree+ temps.  From the things I have read, people would be lining up to hand you their cash so they could see this.  They have all seen the crime scene photos, the autopsy photos of Travis Alexander, and now they want to see the murderer responsible for that suffer.  

And make no mistake--she WILL suffer.  No more fan club. No more phone calls.  No one to talk to.  She will spend 22-23 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, in a bathroom with a bed in it. She will eat there, sleep there, use the toilet there.  She will fight off cockroaches and spiders and mold.  No computer, no tv unless she can find the 300 dollars to buy one.  (Oh--that will probably not happen either, as it seems her "fans" have been using illegal money laundering accounts and transfers across state lines to avoid taxes, or the Alexander family getting any of the donated money.  Yes, this is a FELONY, a Federal crime, and now the FBI is involved.  See what I mean by "circus"?)

As far as I am concerned, April 13 can't come soon enough.  I want to hear she was sentenced to life without parole, and carted off to Perryville prison.  Then I hope the media will shut up and find something else to talk about.   SEVEN YEARS this whole thing has dragged on!  It's time to let it go, people.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Trials and Legal Stuff--oh, man.......................

Are we all sick to death of hearing about Jodi Arias?  YES.  And this is the last time you will see me using her name; from now on if I refer to her at ALL it will be as "inmate 458434", because she is now nothing more than a number in the prison system.

The facts are coming out about the juror who lied to get on the jury, with the agenda of "saving inmate 458434".  It is my hope she will be fully prosecuted, because this is clearly jury tampering.  It could set a very dangerous precedent if nothing was done.  She is already being investigated, and will likely be prosecuted for a Federal Offense--and yet she is laughing and tweeting "We won".  Every idiotic thing she says online is just another nail in her coffin--way to go, you big mouthed fool.

However, I am not writing about inmate 458434 tonight.  I am writing about the many delusional people who call themselves her "supporters".  You support a murderer?  Have you no concept of the meaning of the word "murderer"??


First off, NO, she will never be "free".  Unless you believe freedom is spending the rest of your natural life in a 7' by 12' foot cell.  Even if she is somehow "eligible for parole" after 25 years, she will never get it. Travis family and friends will stop this from EVER happening.  Do you see Charles Manson out running around?  THINK ABOUT IT.

Secondly, NO, you did not "win" because she did not receive the death penalty.  Unless you see spending the rest of her life in prison as a "win".  The reality is, she will never see life outside of a prison again.  This is as it should be.  The death penalty would have actually been merciful as opposed to what she will actually have to live with.  She will have to fear every other inmate there, and trust me--there are a LOT of inmates who hate this woman and would love to hurt her.  Why not? They have nothing left to lose, many are there on life sentences anyway.

Jeffrey Dahmer didn't last very long in prison--neither will
inmate 458434.  However, I actually hope she lasts many years there, and suffers through EVERY SECOND of it.  I would hope her suffering lasts much, MUCH longer than the amount of time Travis spent suffering as he died at her murderous hands.  Because no matter what, he did NOT deserve to die the way he did.

Rest without peace, inmate 458434.  Your Karma is coming for you.  I, for one, am looking forward to witnessing it.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Does Eric Holder even LISTEN to himself????

"Attorney General Eric Holder said a "highly toxic environment" existed between Ferguson police officers and the city's African-American residents before Wilson shot and killed Brown last year.
"It's not difficult to imagine how a single tragic incident set off the city of Ferguson like a powder keg," Holder said.
He pointed to the use of excessive force overwhelmingly against African-American residents, noting that only African-Americans were bit by police dogs, and said "no alternative explanation" except racial bias exists to explain it. "
This is a direst QUOTE from a news source.

SO--do you see what he is saying here?  THE POLICE DOGS ARE RACIALLY BIASEDThey are only biting black people!  So fire the dogs!

Yes, folks, people like this are actually running our government.

Are you scared yet?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let's Talk about Executions

Let's get this right out front---I am a staunch advocate for the death penalty.  I firmly believe there are people who have committed such heinous crimes, there is no other sentence to be served.  For example, I am waiting to hear if Jodi Arias gets the death sentence for her murder of Travis Alexander.  If you somehow don't know about this murder, please use caution if you decide to look it up on the internet--the photos are graphic and not for the faint of heart.

Tonight, however, I am speaking of the upcoming  execution of a woman in Georgia, who cold bloodedly plotted her husbands murder.  But we hear how she has changed, she has reformed!  Halleluiah! She is truly repenting what she did!!  She is a changed woman!!

Well of COURSE she is sorry--NOW--not because she did it, but because she got caught. And as for being a "changed woman"--well, how nice for her that she GOT a chance to change, because she sure as hell didn't give her poor husband a chance to change, or a chance to do ANYTHING, except crawl for a mile, full of stab wounds, bleeding to death and in unimaginable pain, and knowing he was dying.

The Bible says, "an eye for an eye"--and yes, this is what I believe.  A life for a life.

What bothers me is that, the people who are sentenced to death are sometimes pardoned.  Now, if there are extenuating circumstances,  that is one thing. ( If new evidence is found that exonerates the person, or at least casts some doubt.) But what good is our "justice system" if a single person, (A judge) or a small group, can override that decision??  What use is our system if it can be so easily changed, and only by  personal opinion?  Why do we even bother to have trials by jury, if their decisions can be changed??

The "justice" system in America is broken.   It has been steadily hacked away at by countless groups--for so many ridiculous reasons.  A lawyer once told me, "LAW and JUSTICE have little to do with each other."  He was right.