Saturday, March 7, 2015

Trials and Legal Stuff--oh, man.......................

Are we all sick to death of hearing about Jodi Arias?  YES.  And this is the last time you will see me using her name; from now on if I refer to her at ALL it will be as "inmate 458434", because she is now nothing more than a number in the prison system.

The facts are coming out about the juror who lied to get on the jury, with the agenda of "saving inmate 458434".  It is my hope she will be fully prosecuted, because this is clearly jury tampering.  It could set a very dangerous precedent if nothing was done.  She is already being investigated, and will likely be prosecuted for a Federal Offense--and yet she is laughing and tweeting "We won".  Every idiotic thing she says online is just another nail in her coffin--way to go, you big mouthed fool.

However, I am not writing about inmate 458434 tonight.  I am writing about the many delusional people who call themselves her "supporters".  You support a murderer?  Have you no concept of the meaning of the word "murderer"??


First off, NO, she will never be "free".  Unless you believe freedom is spending the rest of your natural life in a 7' by 12' foot cell.  Even if she is somehow "eligible for parole" after 25 years, she will never get it. Travis family and friends will stop this from EVER happening.  Do you see Charles Manson out running around?  THINK ABOUT IT.

Secondly, NO, you did not "win" because she did not receive the death penalty.  Unless you see spending the rest of her life in prison as a "win".  The reality is, she will never see life outside of a prison again.  This is as it should be.  The death penalty would have actually been merciful as opposed to what she will actually have to live with.  She will have to fear every other inmate there, and trust me--there are a LOT of inmates who hate this woman and would love to hurt her.  Why not? They have nothing left to lose, many are there on life sentences anyway.

Jeffrey Dahmer didn't last very long in prison--neither will
inmate 458434.  However, I actually hope she lasts many years there, and suffers through EVERY SECOND of it.  I would hope her suffering lasts much, MUCH longer than the amount of time Travis spent suffering as he died at her murderous hands.  Because no matter what, he did NOT deserve to die the way he did.

Rest without peace, inmate 458434.  Your Karma is coming for you.  I, for one, am looking forward to witnessing it.


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