Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Does Eric Holder even LISTEN to himself????

"Attorney General Eric Holder said a "highly toxic environment" existed between Ferguson police officers and the city's African-American residents before Wilson shot and killed Brown last year.
"It's not difficult to imagine how a single tragic incident set off the city of Ferguson like a powder keg," Holder said.
He pointed to the use of excessive force overwhelmingly against African-American residents, noting that only African-Americans were bit by police dogs, and said "no alternative explanation" except racial bias exists to explain it. "
This is a direst QUOTE from a news source.

SO--do you see what he is saying here?  THE POLICE DOGS ARE RACIALLY BIASEDThey are only biting black people!  So fire the dogs!

Yes, folks, people like this are actually running our government.

Are you scared yet?

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