Friday, March 13, 2015

Just when I thought the circus was over.......................

Most people who stay up on current trials are aware that the trial for "inmate 458434" has been a joke--I cannot say how many times I have heard people ask, "what is WRONG with the law in Arizona???" So just when I thought it was over--well, all but the sentencing, which will be April 13--the whole damn thing just blows sky high.

I will not get into details, as I am sick of talking/hearing/thinking about her.  But I am not talking about her right now--I am talking about the Maricopa county courts, which have decided to SELL copies of the trial for the sweet price of $1710.00.

No, that is not a typo.  And yes, they are serious.  So a trial that by LAW is open to the public and media, is now for sale.  It seems they think they can make up some of the outrageous fees they had to shell out for her defense  (a cool 3 million+)  

Well, listen up, Maricopa County.  If you REALLY want to make money, here is what you do. You set up a live feed camera in her new prison cell at Perryville.  This way, you can charge for people to watch her suffer and slowly lose her mind in the heat of the Arizona summer, with no ac and 120 degree+ temps.  From the things I have read, people would be lining up to hand you their cash so they could see this.  They have all seen the crime scene photos, the autopsy photos of Travis Alexander, and now they want to see the murderer responsible for that suffer.  

And make no mistake--she WILL suffer.  No more fan club. No more phone calls.  No one to talk to.  She will spend 22-23 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, in a bathroom with a bed in it. She will eat there, sleep there, use the toilet there.  She will fight off cockroaches and spiders and mold.  No computer, no tv unless she can find the 300 dollars to buy one.  (Oh--that will probably not happen either, as it seems her "fans" have been using illegal money laundering accounts and transfers across state lines to avoid taxes, or the Alexander family getting any of the donated money.  Yes, this is a FELONY, a Federal crime, and now the FBI is involved.  See what I mean by "circus"?)

As far as I am concerned, April 13 can't come soon enough.  I want to hear she was sentenced to life without parole, and carted off to Perryville prison.  Then I hope the media will shut up and find something else to talk about.   SEVEN YEARS this whole thing has dragged on!  It's time to let it go, people.

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