Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Let's Talk about Executions

Let's get this right out front---I am a staunch advocate for the death penalty.  I firmly believe there are people who have committed such heinous crimes, there is no other sentence to be served.  For example, I am waiting to hear if Jodi Arias gets the death sentence for her murder of Travis Alexander.  If you somehow don't know about this murder, please use caution if you decide to look it up on the internet--the photos are graphic and not for the faint of heart.

Tonight, however, I am speaking of the upcoming  execution of a woman in Georgia, who cold bloodedly plotted her husbands murder.  But we hear how she has changed, she has reformed!  Halleluiah! She is truly repenting what she did!!  She is a changed woman!!

Well of COURSE she is sorry--NOW--not because she did it, but because she got caught. And as for being a "changed woman"--well, how nice for her that she GOT a chance to change, because she sure as hell didn't give her poor husband a chance to change, or a chance to do ANYTHING, except crawl for a mile, full of stab wounds, bleeding to death and in unimaginable pain, and knowing he was dying.

The Bible says, "an eye for an eye"--and yes, this is what I believe.  A life for a life.

What bothers me is that, the people who are sentenced to death are sometimes pardoned.  Now, if there are extenuating circumstances,  that is one thing. ( If new evidence is found that exonerates the person, or at least casts some doubt.) But what good is our "justice system" if a single person, (A judge) or a small group, can override that decision??  What use is our system if it can be so easily changed, and only by  personal opinion?  Why do we even bother to have trials by jury, if their decisions can be changed??

The "justice" system in America is broken.   It has been steadily hacked away at by countless groups--for so many ridiculous reasons.  A lawyer once told me, "LAW and JUSTICE have little to do with each other."  He was right.

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