Friday, February 27, 2015

A Color By Any Other Name................

As mentioned, I shop for my craft supplies on the internet.  A couple weeks ago I found a really pretty piece of fabric, so I bought it.  The auction said it was "grape purple".  I LOVE purple.  SO--it came.  And it is NOT "grape purple", plain purple, almost purple, or ANY purple.  It is BLUE.  Here is the auction pic;
 HERE is the fabric I got;

 I took pics in natural light, with and without flash, and in a room with overhead lighting.  Every pic turned out like the one above.   SO--I did not leave negative feedback, I left neutral feedback, mentioning the color difference.  The seller got snotty and said "It's grape purple with blue flowers."

OK folks--I am an artist.  My LIFE is colors. I hope this lady gets her eyes checked, because there is something wrong with them.

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