Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter--PLEASE go away!

As I sit here writing, our windchill is minus 25 degrees, and dropping.  In one part of Minnesota, the TEMPERATURE (not the windchill) was minus 41 degrees.  This is the weather that you cannot go out in--your eyeballs literally freeze.  

I know the whole country is cold.  I find it strange that the powers that be say this has been the "warmest winter on record".  Where the hell are THEY living??  Seriously??

"So what?" People say.  "It's winter.  No big deal."  But to those of us with chronic pain diseases, this is a very big deal, indeed. 

You see, when you have Fibromyalgia--as my daughter and I do--and also Lupus--as I do--winter is not just a pain in the butt.  It is a pain EVERYWHERE.   The cold weather makes our pain worse.  Incoming weather fronts make our pain worse.  Just breathing hurts.  Our legs are in such pain we have trouble walking.  Our hips ache so badly we have trouble walking.  I have had to use my cane more days than "normal" this winter, and I am mighty sick of it.  So please, winter--get the heck out of here, already!!  Some warmth and sun would be SO very welcome!  Yes, of course we will still have pain--that's what a "chronic pain disease" is--but it won't be as bad.  


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