Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Contentment-at what cost? Part 3

I have mentioned that many people got the heck OUT of Hitty world after the crow flew in.  One of them is a really good friend of mine--here is her story.
She hung on as a member of the Hitty chat board long after the rest of us left.  She was still excited with Hitty and wanted to learn more, and to share.  With great excitement, she planned for an upcoming Hitty lunch at one of the big doll events.  The day came, she went to the room where the lunch was to be held, and when she went to sit down at a table with some other ladies, the crow flew over and told her--none too politely--that THIS particular table was "reserved" for members of HER group!  The thing is, my friend WAS a member of her group!  She can only guess because she wasn't one of the proverbial "butt-smoochers", she didn't count.

Thus ended my friends involvement in the group.

So now we are up to the point where many of us who left are beyond disgusted with the whole online mentality, or lack thereof, concerning Hitty. Make no mistake, there are MANY mean, nasty women involved in this group.  They will not hesitate to cut your throat if you let them get near--oh, all in the name of Hitty, of course.  That dear, simple little wooden doll who was made with love and loved everyone.  They are ruthless when it comes to getting the dolls they want, and whatever it takes to get them, and whoever falls by the wayside, too damned bad.  How do I know this?

Because some of them came after me, and it was NOT pretty.

It was shortly after these incidents that I packed it in.  I sold everything I had that was Hitty related, I could no longer bear to look at any of it.  Even the mention of her name was an irritation.  I went quietly back to my own little world, where my friends understood what had happened.  

Years went by.  I carved LOTS of dolls--but not Hitty.  More years went by.  I finally carved some Hittys--I thought maybe I was ready to go back to that whole concept.  But I wasn't.

********To be continued**********

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