Sunday, February 15, 2015

My thoughts on Wood--and why wooden dolls are so special

I have very definite opinions about wood, and why wooden dolls are so special.
Wood is a living thing.  Because of this, I believe it has the ability to store and project feelings, memories, and emotions.

Your home, no matter where you live, is primarily composed of wood.  Have you ever walked into a house, and immediately felt something was not right?  The wood has absorbed the negative things that have happened there.  Likewise, you have probably walked into a home that made you feel good--same thing, the wood has absorbed the good energy and emotions it has been subjected to.

A doll made from wood is the same.  The wood holds the energy and emotions it was subjected to.  Wooden dolls truly do have a soul, because they were once part of a living being. 

Wood is warm.  Again, because it is from a living thing.  A wooden doll, while she may SEEM "new", is in truth many, many years old. By the time the tree was cut or fell down, it could be 20 to 100 years old or more.

When I carve a doll, I like to think about what events in history her tree might have stood witness to. Can you imagine holding a doll that was made from, say, a tree that stood by the side of a road, and saw countless soldiers heading off to war--or even better, heading HOME?  How many thousands of human lives came in contact with that tree? 

So even though a wooden doll cannot speak with words, and tell you what she has seen, she REMEMBERS.  She is part of our history in a very special way. 

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