Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Contentment--at what cost?

I am almost ashamed to admit it, but for many years I was into the "Hitty mentality" that exists onlineThe "goal" of the online Hitty community seems to be to have the most desirable Hitty dolls, and to thereby feel like you are somehow better than anyone else.

Let's go back maybe 16 years ago--Hitty chat boards were fun, and full of genuinely nice people.  Then into this pretty world stormed a woman most people know as the "Old Crow"--and all of a sudden you would think she had single handedly discovered Hitty!  She quite literally took over as judge, jury and executioner in the online world of Hitty.  Boards were made, rules were made, and if you didn't play according to her rules, you were ostracized.  She acted like this doll and anything pertaining to it were her sole property, and God help you if you didn't agree.

I was one of the ones who didn't agree.  You cannot create a personal online "Empire" over a doll that you have no legal RIGHTS to!  Yet people followed blindly, and allowed this self declared prophet to continue, which only fueled her overblown attitude towards herself.  To this day, the insanity she has created continues, and brings in more followers.  Like some sort of sick cult, it continues. 

 I myself am no longer a part of it.  Many others have also dropped out, sickened by the self righteous attitude of not only this woman, but her daughter.  For many of us, it has ruined the whole concept of Hitty.

Back then, when I was one of the blind sheep who bought into this insanity, the single most important thing was to have the most "desirable" dolls.  At one time I had three Hittys by DeAnn Cote, and two by Jean Lotz.  Were they all that great?  No, but online mentality convinced me that they were.  Then one day I woke up.  I took a hard look at the dolls I supposedly loved, and guess what?

THEY MEANT NOTHING TO ME.  They were just carved wooden dolls, and I felt no "connection" to them.  I was sick of the whole game, sick of the competition, sick of the prevailing attitudes.  So I sold my dolls and got the hell OUT of "Hitty World"--and away from the women who, to this day, I call "Hidiots".

  ******************To Be Continued!!***********


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