Monday, February 9, 2015

Contentment--at what cost? Part 2

Suddenly,  "Hitty" as we know her, no longer exists.  Hitty goes to CAMP!  YES!  At only about $130.00, YOUR Hitty can travel to camp! (I don't remember the exact price, but I think that's close.)  So you pay your dolls "travel fare" both ways--PLUS $130.00.  For this, you get some cheap souvenirs, and some photos (that cost nothing.)  I am sure the Old Crow laughed all the way to the bank! (Just think, for every ten dolls that went to "camp", she pockets a cool $1, 300.00.)   You send her your doll, she dresses it and takes a few photos for that price---  Such a bargain!  (What a racket!  The Mafia would LOVE this!)   Except.................

Hitty never went to camp.  I am sure Rachel Fields would turn over in her grave if she saw what was happening.  

"Hitty" has become a cash cow.

Suddenly, the name "Hitty" is tagged onto any and every thing.  If you can slap Hittys name on it, you can make a buck!  Yay!  (Do you still wonder why I call these people "Hidiots?")

This attitude literally drove hundreds of REAL Hitty fans into hiding.  Now mind you, I am not saying it is WRONG to profit from Hitty--I myself carve a Hitty doll now and then and sell her on Ebay.  But the original "spirit" of Hitty--her honesty and values--has gotten lost in all the craziness.  And this never would have happened had "The Empire" not taken over. 

So because of all this, suddenly--prices for the decreed "desirable dolls" skyrockets.  A Lotz Hitty, that cost 400 dollars originally, is suddenly selling for two to three THOUSAND and more.  WHY??   And why don't people see what is happening here??

To be continued!!!

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