Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Death--sort of

Today I felt sad.   I wish I had not abandoned my needlepoint in exchange for all the other things I got into--
like they say, hindsight is always 20/20......
not that I regret learning to carve dolls, if I hadn't I wouldn't have Evie.
I can no longer see the way I could, so I really can't go back to my petit point.  This was the one area I truly excelled in, and I left it to pursue other things--things that I did ok at, but were not my true calling.
And now I find my eyes are too old to do the incredible things I used to do.  Today I feel like a piece of me has died, and I somehow wasn't even aware of it until now.  So I guess I am mourning for the part of me that is no more.  The part of me that died from old age while I was busy trying to do other things.

We never stop to think that we will get old, it just happens.  We never think about our eyesight getting worse, or our hands getting weaker, it just happens.  Find what you love--and stay with it. 

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