Thursday, September 25, 2014

You have GOT to be kidding me

So I see in today's news that the police chief of Ferguson has APOLOGIZED for Officer Wilson shooting the thug that attacked him.  In short, for doing the job he was TRAINED TO DO.  

God help America.  

A white teacher was raped by a black student.
Another white prison worker was raped by a black prisoner. 

Haven't seen THESE stories on the news, have you?  Because the media wants to fuel the racial issues.  
This morning, I read this post on the Facebook page dedicated to supporting Officer Wilson.  Since I couldn't say it better, I quote;
We, as a society, cannot continue to ignore or tolerate the "thug/gangster" mentality that is flooding American pop culture with gang violence and ruining our Country any longer..... Why do you never hear Al Sharpton, Eric Holder or Obama address this? Here's the truth behind the violence in the black community, and it's shocking, these are NOT gangs, these are terrorists, they are an immediate threat, and they are spreading in every city in this Nation... Until the black community shuns this type of behavior and stops glorifying it in their pop culture, NOTHING will a change... They will continue to die... at each other's hands, the cops hands, and law abiding gun owners hands.... Google "White Girl Bleed Alot" and share, because there is PLENTY more where this came from, it is an epidemic, a cancer that MUST be stopped from spreading or we will end up like Third World countries that are run by gangs of terrorists. Please share, and wake somebody up, the future of you and yours depends on it........ "

Just a word of warning--if you DO Google "White Girl Bleed Alot", it is graphic and will make you ill.

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