Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ding dong, the (B)itch is dead

When I first head that Joan Rivers was rushed to the hospital a week ago, my first thought was--oh dear, did her nasty mouth fall off??  I see that she died today, and all I can say is, "Good Riddance".

This woman made a career out of being a nasty bitch.  She said cruel, hurtful things to people, to get a laugh.  Some people praise her for her "honesty", but  that is NOT the word for it.

I never wished her any ill, I just couldn't stand her, so I steered clear of her.  My tipping point came when she made fun of the three courageous women in Cleveland who were held captive for ten years and finally got free.  These women-Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus lived through TEN YEARS of hell and were freed, only to have JOKES made about them by this POS woman.  What if that had been HER daughter who was kidnapped, enslaved, beaten and sexually terrorized--would she still think it was funny?  Probably, as long as it made her a buck.

Life is not easy, and can be downright cruel, so why would anyone want to make a career out of hurting people?  I think, deep down, she was such a wretched person, with no redeeming qualities, that she had to knock other people down just so she could feel superior.  Well, all of this is my opinion, and I have one wish for her--
May all those in hell treat her the same way that SHE treated everyone.  That's called KARMA, babe. 

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