Friday, August 29, 2014


As a child growing up in the 1950's, I had a lot of freedoms, as the world was a much more innocent place back then.  I grew up playing along the banks and sandbars of the Mississippi River, climbing trees, exploring cliffs and caves, and walking the shoreline.  I spent entire days there, walking among the trees, enjoying the solitary quiet that nature offered.  I can still smell the sumac that grew everywhere, and taste the wild grapes that hung in glorious bunches. I walked in the water, but never more than ankle deep.

I loved the river.  Yet for all it's beauty, I knew it could--and would--take my life in a heartbeat, if I ventured too far out.  Currents and drop-offs were always there, just waiting.  I respected the river for it's power, and in turn it respected me and allowed me to play there safely.  

THIS is what is missing today--RESPECT.   Hardly anyone respects anyone or anything now, and I find it sad.  Life would be so much nicer and more peaceful if everyone would just show some respect for others. 

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