Monday, August 25, 2014

Angry and Sad

Today, I am angry at what is happening in our country.  In all my years, I have only seen televised funerals for dignitaries, former presidents, and fallen police officers.  A televised funeral, to me, is a sign of respect for the deceased.
I have NO  RESPECT for the POS that was buried today.  May he rot in hell.
Our news channels have done everything they could possibly do to widen the racial divide in this country, and I do believe with this one, they have tipped the scales right off the stand.
I am not a racist.  I am a REALIST.  I see what is happening to our country.  I see bad, worthless people being exalted, while good, honest, law abiding people are punished, all because of the screaming and mayhem of a group of people acting outside the law themselves.  WHERE is the America I grew up in?  I can tell you, it is gone.