Friday, September 19, 2014

The US Post Office needs to GO

Like many people, I have trouble with the post office.  All their ads about how "We deliver for you" and tooting their own horn, maybe instead they should teach their employees to DO THEIR JOBS.

A package was supposed to be delivered to me today--and guess what?  It wasn't.  So I called the post office.  The man I spoke to actually said, "Well we had a lot of packages today."  I had to bite my tongue for a moment before I said, "Well--that IS your job, isn't it? To deliver mail and packages?"  He didn't answer that.  My next question was, could he have left in in the wrong box?  (Yes, this happens ALL THE TIME.  We call it MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS day, as we wander up and down the street re-delivering the mail to the correct houses.)  He said to me--"Well if it isn't showing in the tracking as being delivered, that's good!"

OOOOOOOOOOKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy then.  No more post office for me, and they BETTER find this package.   


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