Wednesday, September 10, 2014

9/11 What do YOU believe?

When the horrors of Sept 11 were being re-hashed, I started to hear about "conspiracy theories".   I waved them off.  NO WAY, I said.  Then 2 documentaries opened my eyes.  FACTS.  PHOTOS.  Every American owes it to themselves to see these two films!  Watch them, and decide for yourself--is our own government responsible for the events of 9/11? 

"Loose Change-9/11

911--In Plane Sight

I PROMISE these films will change everything you ever thought you knew about 9/11.  Of course, there are web sites "debunking" them, but facts and photographs cannot be challenged, no matter how you spin them.  When you see stop motion film of the first plane that hit the World Trade Center, you SEE there is "something" attached underneath the plane.  A missile?  Then you see an explosion IN FRONT OF THE PLANE, hitting the building BEFORE the plane does.

WHY was no debris ever found in the field where the plane crashed?  NOTHING of a plane was found, not even a scrap of metal.  What about when the plane hit the pentagon--how does a plane with a wingspan that huge leave such a relatively small hole in the building?

Also, remember how many times we have seen George Bush reading to the school children that morning, and how a man come in and says something to him, then leaves--supposedly telling him about the attacks that are occurring?  We all saw that a hundred times, and never questioned it.  Now look at it again--how long was the man saying something to him?  Long enough to say "We have been attacked by terrorists in planes" ?  NO.  He says something very quickly, then leaves--maybe he had enough time to say "It's Done".

Please watch these two films. They will change your life.

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