Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dear Government...........

The last time I looked, I lived in AMERICA--land of the FREE. 

So, how about you stop telling me what words I cannot use, and what flags I cannot wave?  How about you stop systematically taking away or destroying history?  Removing words and symbols does not teach justice, far from it.  It teaches intolerance and ignorance.  

Our past is already written, we cannot change it, no matter how many words you tell us are "bad", or how many people who died a hundred years ago were "racist" and should not have lakes or streets named after them.  If you take away our history, how will anyone learn from past mistakes?  Shall we tear down all of our statues to appease anyone who is "offended" by them??    

I say, if you have moved here to America--then shut the hell up and enjoy your life.  I am not here to appease you, placate you, bow down to you, or be called a racist because I don't happen to agree with you.  You have NO rights to come on to the soil where I was BORN and tell me how life here should be.  If you don't like it, then feel free to leave.

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