Friday, August 21, 2015

Re-Imagining a Schoenhut Doll

I am working on two Schoenhut dolls, the first one I am doing is shown on the left.

 I can only work on one doll at a time, I have this whole mental process I go through with them, and I need to "connect" while I am working, so a doll needs my full attention so she can tell me who she is.
This doll for a client was NOT to be a "restored" Schoenhut--instead, I was given free reign to do what I wanted.  Now I know there are antique doll purists out there who will NOT be happy to see this, so stop now if this will bother you!  There seems to be a never ending supply of these dolls--if they were very rare I wouldn't touch them, but I think that millions of them must have been made.  At any given time you can find dozens of them for sale online.
After I stripped the paint (she had been badly repainted at some point), I could see she had a sweet smile and dimples.  Well ok, maybe she didn't really have dimples, but she TOLD me she did! The wood around her right eye was rotted and crumbling.  So I went to work.
 Here I am working on re-building her eyes with wood epoxy.
 When this is done, I sand the entire doll mercilessly, before doing the final sculpting/carving of her features.
Then she gets her body painted, blushed and sealed.

 The next step is painting her face.

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