Monday, February 22, 2016

Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em

    I don't change every doll I get.  Sometimes one comes along that just tugs at my heart in all her imperfection.  Such was the case when I saw this little girl;

 Her face speaks of love, years, many kisses and washes from her young mama. She wears her history so well--I just wanted to hug her the first time I saw her.  I didn't think I would get her, but I knew if I did all I would "repair" would be her left eye, which is partially missing.

Then she came home....

 Her wig was ratty and crusty feeling, and while I loved the color on her, I was not about to keep the dirty thing!  And then, inspiration struck--so I got out my wood epoxy----

 Gave her an "Evie" style, and I inserted tiny magnets on each side of her head, and also in the back, so she can wear ribbons.  Touched up the paint on both eyes, and then put a wash of dark brown over them to make the painting look old.
And then, just like that, she came back to life.

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