Thursday, December 4, 2014


I have been making small "pockets", or purses, to try out some ideas.  They are small, 7" by 9" to 8" by 10".  The finishing takes three times longer than the hooking!!  Anyway--not exactly seasonal, but I wanted to hook flowers in a vase--I chose lily of the valley, but do you think I had any white wool??  Of course not!!  Not to be deterred, I hooked the purse, steamed and blocked it, put it back on the frame and made the flowers with white silk ribbon.  Puttsy work, but I like how it turned out!  The other pocket is a rose cameo--I wanted to see if I could hook something in only a few tones (in this case, cream and tan) and still have it look like what it was.  OK so you see where this is going, I want to hook Evies profile as a cameo.  But first I will finish up my two new pockets, even though I don't think I will be using them until next spring!


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