Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Hazards of Cleaning!

For the past couple weeks, I have been busy moving my craft room from one room to another.  Lots of cleaning, sorting, packing up and discarding.  And today it all came to a screeching halt while I was going thru my carving things.  Why?  Because I found a doll.

Well actually, not a doll, but a PARTIAL doll that I started carving ten or more years ago.  I know this because the wood is cherry wood, and the only thing I ever had in cherry was a Hitty carving kit from Judy Brown.  Mind you, I didn't find her arms and legs, just the torso with the face started.  And when I picked her up, she spoke to me.  "Finish me".  I heard it clearly.  So in the midst of all my piles of books and fabrics and patterns and wools, I hauled out my carving stuff and started working on her.  Several hours later, I could see her sweet little face;

 As soon as I saw her like this, I felt that "connection" that we doll people sometimes feel with a doll.  I have not felt this way since I carved my precious Evie, so it came as quite a surprise.  I realized she indeed WOULD be finished, so I found some cherry wood pieces on Ebay and ordered them so she will have arms and legs that match.  Cherry is a very hard wood, much too hard for my hands, so the rest of her will be carved with my Dremel tools .  Because she is already ten or more years old, I think I will antique her.  

So now I have an even bigger mess than I started with today--but somehow, I don't mind.  A new doll is coming to life in my hands, and I am very happy!

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