Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Find of a Lifetime

Early last week, I found a wooden doll for sale online.  I had to look several times at her price, certain I was seeing things--because it was WAY too low for what she supposedly was.  So even though I hadn't planned on buying another doll, I bought her--and then told myself she HAD to be a modern reproduction, there was no way she was a real antique doll.  Not for that low price.  But what the heck, I loved her face.

Today, she arrived.

And I was wrong.

She is NOT a reproduction.  She is a genuine, hand carved, Italian creche' doll.  23" tall, and HEAVY--I think she is solid oak.  I have seen photos of these dolls in museums, but never dreamed I would be holding one of my own.  Rare that I am near speechless, but I am very emotionally overwhelmed tonight. So I will let the photos speak for themselves.

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