Friday, September 18, 2015

If You're Going to Dream.......................

The people who know me best, my family and friends, know that I never do anything in a small way.  My first piece of needlepoint was a rug.  My first hooked rug was 7 feet long.  This is why I don't ski, because no way would I go to the bunny hill--I would head to the highest hill and probably break my neck. 
Anyway, for a while now I have had a project brewing in my brain.  I think it would be awesome to hook a tree--a BIG tree--and put it on the living room wall.  WAIT--I'm not done.  Then I would make hooked branches that went all over the walls and up onto the ceiling.  WAIT--I'm not done.  THEN I would hook birds--lots of them--all the different birds that are in our woods, and put them all over in the branches.
OK now I am done.  Well no, I haven't started, I mean I am done explaining this crazy project that keeps going through my brain. Will I ever do it?  Maybe.  Probably.  Yes.  When, I don't know.  I just know that some day I will wake up and this will demand to be started, and I will go merrily down the road with it.  
And of course I will take pictures, and post them here.

After all, the winters in Minnesota are SO long.................................

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