Saturday, January 30, 2016

She's Doing it Again!

If you are a die hard Schoenhut collector, please be warned--the story you are about to view may cause you to have a heart attack.  An antique doll is being ALTERED.  View at your own risk, and do not bother contacting me and telling me I am destroying a valuable antique.  There are hundreds of thousand of these dolls, and this one was in such bad shape she would have ended up in the trash.
This is what I do.  I salvage badly damaged Schoenhuts, and remake them into one of a kind, "Artist" Schoenhuts.  Sometimes I take a doll that is in GOOD shape, but has been horribly repainted--Sharpie for eyebrows??--and I strip her face off and redo her.  My "Artist Schoenhuts" are in private collections, and of course I keep some of them.  I am doing what I love, and not trying to stir up any controversy, but there are those who are absolutely horrified that I do this.  Not your doll, not your call. 

That said.........

 This "Miss Dolly" is 22" tall.  One of the springs in her leg is damaged, and that leg has been strung with elastic cord.  I do not like dolls with teeth--so she will not have any.  I decided to try "carved" hair on this one, so I have used a product, new to me, called Sculpwood.  It is a 2 part epoxy, sandable, carvable and just like wood once it cures.  Hopefully tomorrow I can paint her.

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