Thursday, November 17, 2016

HUNTERS--you can all go to HELL!

I married into a family of hunters.  One of my earliest memories of my new father in law went like this;
He brought me into the living room to see his ducks, taixidermied, hanging on the wall. ( I was pregnant with his first grandson at the time, and determined that my child would NOT grow up and chose to kill Innocent animals.)
I looked sadly at the ducks, and turned and asked him--
His answer--"Because I love them."

I stood there a moment, and turned to him and said these exact words;
"Well, I love your son--but that does not mean I want to see him dead and hanging on my wall."

My father in law never again spoke of hunting to me. My son grew up respecting life.

Lately I have been seeing stories of "men" (I use the word loosely) who have killed gorgeous animals, deers with huge antlers.  I have to ask them this;

WHY kill them?  Does this make you more of a man?  I think any REAL man would respect the deer for the many years they had survived.   I think a REAL man would shoot them with a camera, not a gun or arrow.

The simple truth is, we no longer need to hunt to feed our families. Hunting is a SPORT.  Killing beautiful animals is a SPORT.  This makes me sick, and frankly, hunters make me sick. Even though my husband was raised with this mentality, he has not hunted since we married.  He sees the value, the beauty in life. He respects the animals and the years they have survived. He would rather see a 36 point buck walking majestically through our yard, than kill it. My husband is a real man, a man of values and integrity, a man who respects life and nature.

I hope the rest of you know and understand the Karma you have chosen for yourselves.

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