Thursday, December 22, 2016

"Chisago County Board Votes Against Proposed Muslim Cemetery "--

Oh God, here we go again!
The Chisago County Board has voted against a proposed Muslim cemetery.
The board voted 3-2 Wednesday night against the Islamic Community of Bosniaks in Minnesota’s proposal to create a private Muslim natural cemetery on a 16-acre site in rural Chisago Lake Township.
Commissioners George McMahon, Lora Walker and Rick Greene voted to deny the Conditional Use Permit, and Commissioners Mike Robinson and Ben Montzka voted to allow it.

A natural cemetery means a loved one is buried using only a cloth -- no casket, vault or embalming fluid. Some neighbors had expressed health concerns over the natural cemetery.
"We have 1,500 members of our mosque, and they all expressed desire to be buried the traditional way, which, when you look at, is very much like the United States used to bury their loved ones," proponent Enes Gluhich said in a previous KSTP interview.
The board said the cemetery is proposed for a 16-acre plot, which they say is a small parcel for the planned use and will result in a “close proximity” to neighbors. The board said it’s “too tight” of a lot for the number of burials expected.
The board also said the land has potential for future residential development, which would be less likely to happen if there was a cemetery there, and the presence of a cemetery would lead to property devaluation of up to 12.3 percent of a home’s value.
The board also cited the “general unsightliness” of a cemetery in the area, saying area neighbors would be negatively impacted by it.

OK--now wait a minute. Our burial laws are made to protect groundwater contamination, in addition to other things.  We, as Americans, must abide by these laws.  So why the hell does anyone think they can come here, and change our laws and rules, because it is not in keeping with their beliefs?  Heads UP, people!  If you don't want to live by our laws, no one is holding you here.  Feel free to send your loved ones body back where this sort of burial IS allowed.  But if you are in AMERICA--either accept things the way they are, or go back to your own country. 
Yes, we USED to bury our dead this way--before we came to understand it was NOT the right way to do things, and could cause irreparable harm.  
Sadly--there are people who care going to scream "racist" or "discrimination" against Muslims.
This has NOTHING to do with either. If you are going to live in America, you must live within our laws.  If you can't--it's simple.  Leave.  The door goes both ways. You cannot have it all.


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