Saturday, March 26, 2016

Enjoy your EASTER while we can still celebrate it

It seems like Easter is one of the few things us Christians can still openly celebrate--at least for now.

Has anyone else noticed that, one by one, all the traditional American celebrations are being taken away?  No more Valentines in schools, no more Christmas (shh, don't even say that WORD).  Why is this happening?  Oh, because NON Americans are flooding our country, and these things OFFEND them.  So of course, we must appease these ignorant people, and bow down to them, and allow them to destroy our American way of life one symbol at a time. 

STAND UP, AMERICA!   This is OUR country, and anyone coming here should conform to US, not the other way around.   As long as we continue to allow this, our country will continue to disintegrate.  

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