Thursday, March 24, 2016

Queen Anne Doll

Queen Anne little girl, 10" tall, by doll artist Alena Sinel.  There are LOTS of people carving Queen Anne dolls now, but in my opinion, no one can come close to the artistry of Alena Sinel.  I don't know how she does it, but her dolls have SOULS.

I have other dolls by her--Clarimonde, Angelique and Lacey Rue.  They are all about 13" tall, and are not really "Queen Anne" dolls, although they are made in that style.  But I wanted a true Queen Anne--I have been looking at many dolls, but none of them grabbed me, until I saw this little girl.  I LOVE that she is so tiny!  She should be home next week.  I hope she brings spring with her, I am so depressed with the snow and cold we are having.

As a side note; I got a new computer.  After ten years with the old one, it was time.   Warning--Windows 10 SUCKS.  It is like they made this computer (HP Envy model) NOT to fill the needs of the user, who paid 700 dollars for it, but to satisfy the makers. There is more crap here that I will never use (Priceline, Tripadvisor, etc) and it is anything but user friendly.  The default email program is a complete joke--you cannot make ANY new folders, and every time you get an email you have replied to, it gives you the whole stinking thread of emails--like you forgot what you just said??  I am sure I have deleted many unread out of pure confusion.

Also, a big shout out to my friends--I no longer have your email addresses, because I could not import them from my old email program!  SO unless you send me an email, so I can save it, I have no way to email you.  My head cannot remember everyones addresses.  I put them all on an external hard drive before I shut down my old computer, but I cannot get them to go onto this horrible email program.

I am searching for a new email program that is compatible with Windows Sucky 10.

Did I mention I hate Windows 10?

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