Thursday, May 14, 2015

Backtracking--The Twitter Prisoners of Jodi Arias #jodiarias

Yes, I said before I would not mention her name again--and I did not intend to, but I have one more observation.  Not about HER--but about the people on Twitter.

While the trial was going on, I subscribed to Twitter so I could follow the latest developments.  So she is gone and sent to prison for life, and yes she has appeals (that won't go anywhere.)  So what is going on with Twitter???!!?

It seems that people cannot let go.  They are just as much prisoners as SHE is--they are all prisoners of Jodi Arias.  I looked at Twitter and was amazed by all the losers who WILL NOT LET GO.  It is very sad that the only way these people can feel good about their own lives is by comparing their lives to the life of Jodi Arias.  You see, they can do things she cannot, so that makes them "better" than her, and apparently they like to reiterate this numerous times a day, like a mantra.  Statements like "I can eat this and #jodiarias can't".  "I can go here and #jodiarias can't."  Ad nauseum.

Well to all you people like this, I hope you enjoy spending your time as her prisoner.  I hope you love thinking about a murderer constantly, and that this somehow enriches your pathetic lives.  God forbid I should EVER feel a need to compare MY life to that of a convicted murderer in order to feel good about myself.  I tried to point this out, and one woman actually responded that "free people can do what they want."  Yes they can, ma'm, but YOU are not free.  And the really sad part is, you don't even see it.  You are exactly where #jodiarias wants you to be, thinking about her constantly and talking about her to no end.  You give her mountains of the attention she wants, although she is likely not even aware of it from her cell.  Are YOU aware of things from YOUR cell?? How's the view from there?

Don't bother trying to point any of this out to the Twitter Twits, either--they have a "mob attitude" and will attack you from every angle.  Which is why I deleted my account.  Quite honestly, I have a life to live, and do not want to sit at a computer all day "tweeting" about it instead of living it.  Buh Bye!