Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cherish and..............Delphine

The paint on Cherish is barely dry, and I am working on her first sister.  I am determined to make a Queen Anne reproduction doll that could pass as an antique.  I think I have the carving down--but the painting, not so much.  These dolls had various skin tones, from warm white (Cherish) to peach to warm ivory (Delphine).  I think part of the problem is that most of them have red lips--and I do NOT like red!  I don't even have any red paint in my huge paint bin!  So in order to continue, I think I will have to break down and get some red paint. 

Delphine will be about 16" tall, the same as Cherish. I will do one more this size, and then I want to try a bigger one--20" to 28" or so.

No clothes yet, I ordered some silk brocade for gowns, and it hasn't arrived yet--so, carve on!

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  1. Hello Jenny ~ i was talking to you through Ebay about Queen Anne dolls, but now ebay is not letting me respond to you... I really hope contacting you though your blog isn't creepy! ;) I googled Daphine's name thinking she might be a kit, and came to this blog. If you aren't the Jenny I was talking to, I am so sorry for just showing up! Your blog is so beautiful ♡