Monday, May 11, 2015

Why Do We Save Things for "Good"?

When my Grandma died, many years ago, we were packing up her things and found, tucked away in a drawer, all the pretty nightgowns we had given her over the years.  She LOVED pretty nightgowns, so we gave them to her for Christmas, her birthday, Valentines Day--
and she never wore them.  She thought they were SO special she kept them "for good".  For that elusive "someday" she never lived to see.  

This happened again when my Mother died--I found so many things that we had given her as gifts, and they were kept unused because they were "special".  This made me unbearably sad.

Flash forward to present time--I am doing my spring cleaning, and I see the box stashed away that has our "good" dishes in--you know, the ones I never use.  And in a flash, I have them out of the box and I am making a sink full of hot soapy water, washing the dishes, and putting them--in the cupboard.  NOT back in the box--the box goes into the recycling.  We are using these every day now, because EVERY day is "special", because our lives are good and we are happy and healthy and that is something to celebrate!   So USE your antique dishes--your silver--your pretty things that have been passed down to you or given as gifts.  This is what they were intended for, to be used and loved.
 Of course we have special days in our lives--but the majority of our lives are made up of just "regular" days. So celebrate them all, because every day is a gift--that's why it's called the present.

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