Saturday, May 23, 2015

Every Now and Then--You Lose your Head Over a Doll!

This has not happened to me for YEARS, but most doll lovers will have a similar story--
Your eyes fall on a certain doll, and the world just disappears--you become consumed, obsessed with the image of a certain face, a small presence.  Even while your mind is racing, telling you practical things like "She is too expensive"  and "You really do NOT need another doll", the other part of your brain is thinking of names for her and planning her wardrobe.  You KNOW you're a goner.  You KNOW you are going to hit that Buy It button--because hey, life is short, shouldn't we have things we love??

Such was the case last night, when I saw this hand carved, wooden doll on Etsy.

I LOVE unusual dolls, and wooden dolls, and when those two elements are combined--BAM!  A little ghost girl will be coming to live with me.  Made in the Queen Anne style by "The Old Wooden Sisters".  Of course I blew my doll budget for the rest of the year, but I would rather have ONE very special doll than ten that I just sort of like.
It's very appropriate that she is a ghost child, because her face is haunting me---

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