Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Always Planning

Seems I always have too much going on in my head!  The idea of seeing Evie as a real girl just wouldn't go away, so I played with some sketches.  Here she is as a young Victorian girl;
 This reminds me of an old postcard or Valentine--I could see hooking it in lots of "girly" pinks and creams and roses.

So far, this one is my favorite;
I love American Folk art--I can see Evie in this period. Her head is a bit oversized, as these portraits were often done.  I would hook her long hair in curls, and her gown would either be rich blues or maybe reds, to look like velvet.  Even though I am nowhere near done with her current portrait, I like to get things together for winter projects.  I will get a few more composite portraits of her ready before I head to Office Max to get them enlarged and printed. 

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