Friday, October 31, 2014

The time of year for secrets..............

Our family does not celebrate Christmas the way the retailers would like us to celebrate--
several years ago, we collectively decided that we needed to get away from the frenzy and focus on what Christmas is REALLY about.  God and family.

We choose to forgo gifts, (Except for gifts for our grandson,) because after all, what do we need?  If we want something, we go buy it.  We have enough.  MORE than enough.  And we are content with what we have.  

So our Christmas involves family get-togethers, lots of good food, memories and fun. In truth, no one misses the gifts.  The stress of 'having" to buy is gone, and no one needs to worry about overspending.  Our holidays are back to old fashioned values, and we love it.

So what is this about secrets?
Well, I have a small group of friends who gets together for a Christmas luncheon.  Just 6 of us.  These ladies mean a lot to me, and we always exchange gifts.  Last year I received a needle felted ballerina mouse,  a wool snowman, honey made by the bees that one lady raises, homemade jam,  and a huge plate of cookies.  All of these gifts were given from the heart, and all of them were home made.  
Likewise, my gifts to them were also home made--tiny, carved tuckcomb dolls that I carved and dressed.  I LOVED making them! 
We all give something that is the work of our hands.  

So my "secret" is that I am making gifts for my friends-- I have set aside Evies portrait rug for now, and will return to it when the gifts are done.  I cannot show the gifts until after the luncheon--don't want to spoil the surprise!!  The main work on them will be finished in a couple days, and then I will need a couple hours to do the finish work on each one.  I will do that after completing Evies rug.

Is anyone else stunned that tomorrow is November??????


  1. It is already November here now, and yes I am stunned! Where oh where has the year gone? It is true, time really does go faster the older you get.

    I think your luncheon sounds like a wonderful fun and special time.

    I wish I could get our small family to forego gifts at Christmas....there are only my MIL and her partner, Aunt & Uncle and us three this year as my older son will be at sea. It always seems that the gifts are well unnecessary. I might suggest this again and see how I get on.

    1. Once you try this, you will see how all the holiday stress just dissolves--and you stay healthier by not being out in the stores with mobs of sick people.