Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life is Short

Life is short.  Find things that make your heart sing, even if no one else understands them.  They don't HAVE to--it's for you, not them. 

Working on Evies portrait, planning more--some would wonder why I don't buy some nice patterns and work on them.  There are beautiful, stunning patterns available on rug hooking canvas.

I won't hook them.

My life is short, and I don't want to spend it working on someone elses dreams.

Evie is a doll, yes.  A TINY doll, no less--6 1/2" tall.  To me, she is not "just" a doll--she represents so much more.  To look at her, to know I created this from a piece of wood, still blows me away.  Her creation was my salvation, in so many ways.  She gave me courage to work with razor sharp tools again, which I was afraid to do after my bad carving accident.  She taught me that I do have courage, and perseverance, and talents I did not know existed.  Her creation brought me so much farther in my life than I ever thought I would go!  I am leaving her as part of my legacy, so I want her to have things that will show how treasured she is.   She has tons of clothes (and more I will make!), furniture, a gorgeous hand made bed that I designed just for her.  She has journals, complete with photographs.  Now she will have hooked pieces that depict her in many different ways.  

I wish everyone could have one possession in their life they treasured as much as I do Evie.


  1. Wonderful sentiments and I agree completely. At art most copy other peoples pictures, I want to paint my own - either photos I have seen or from my head.

    Of course I have a little wooden companion as well who I treasure ;-) Haven't tried rug making yet though.

    You enjoy!

  2. Thank you, Serenata! I would love to see your little companion, I will check your blog.

    1. You already know her ;-) Hitty Madge!