Saturday, October 4, 2014


Wade and I had our 44th wedding anniversary on Oct 2--because it was a weekday, we waited until today to celebrate.  Went to our favorite restaurant, Mama Maria's in Hudson, Wisconsin.

While the food was good, I was sad to see how much the restaurant has changed.  An appetizer platter, which used to consist of 6 thick pieces of crusty bread, covered in caramelized onions, was now 4 very THIN slices of bread.  Same price, though.  The entrees, which used to be $10.95 and were always enough to take home for a second night, were now $14.00, and SMALL.  I got butternut squash ravioli, and there were 9, 1 1/2" ravioli for that price.  Pasta is one of the least expensive things you can buy--normally!  After ten years, I think we are finished with this restaurant.  I understand prices go up, but this was crazy.

 I would like to say that the only thing that hasn't changed is US, but that would not be true.  After 44 years, we have both changed a lot.  Isn't it funny, though, that no matter how old you get, you still see the person you married?  Yes, he has wrinkles--as do I--but so what? He is still my beloved husband, the man I fell in love with in high school.  I love him now more than I did then, and I didn't think that could be possible.  This man is my world.  He not only dances with my angels, but just the sound of his name silences all my demons.  

I love you, Wade.  Happy 44th anniversary.  God willing, we will have many more.

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