Friday, October 10, 2014

St. Louis errupts--again.

So it seems that a young black man had a gun, and fired at an officer three times, before the (white) officer took him out.

GOOD FOR YOU!!  This man gambled that no police officer would DARE shoot him,  after what happened in Ferguson.

He was wrong.  

He chose to do whatever he wanted, because he thought the police in Missouri are all afraid to shoot anyone who is black.

He chose poorly.

Yet now, all over "social media", there are people crying out and asking gangs to KILL ALL POLICE OFFICERS!  People who make these statements are guilty of terroristic threats, and should be reported to authorities immediately.

I am sick of all the people in this country who think cops are the bad guys and are screaming about them doing their jobs.  My position is this--don't like things here?   LEAVE.  THE.  COUNTRY!

There is a war coming, folks.  And it will not be the middle east, or the Russians.  It will be good people here in America, fighting to reclaim what is right.

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